Taurai was born in 1978, he started carving when very young being influenced by two artists Kennedy Phiri and the well-known Creto Simon. Phiri and Simon took him under their guidance and taught him the art of carving.

Due to the hardships of Zimbabwe and the lack of possibility that sculpting had to offer Taurai worked for few years in different industrial jobs. Not satisfied of his choice in 2000 he decided to go back to do what he loved and found Kennedy Phiri’s friendship essential in that moment. Phiri encouraged him to follow his passion and introduced him to the Chitungwiza Art Centre.
There he was able to assist Phiri and be surrounded by many artists like him who offered ideas an encouragement. He then became a very talented artist, known for his own style focused on abstract animals. He created a unique kind of owl, which was then largely imitated, and for which he received a certificate from the National Art Council of Zimbabwe for his Creativity and Originality.

Taurai Mpaso1