Sculpture Care

Sculptures displayed outside will eventually lose their wax polish due to effects of sun, wind and rain which will dull the wax finish. At this point they need to be re-polished with a fresh coat of wax. In Zimbabwe sculptors use clear floor wax although this can be substituted for beeswax polish. Wait for a hot day and allow the sculpture and wax to warm up in the sun. When the wax is soft apply a small amount with a cloth to polished parts of the sculpture, then buff it hard with a clean cloth until you have a good shine.

If you get any wax on the unpolished parts of the sculpture this can be removed by rubbing with sand paper.

If displayed inside your sculpture shouldn’t need waxing again, an occasional dust should keep it in top condition.

If your sculpture has more serious damage such as scratches or chips contact us and we can either advise you on how to repair it or discuss personally repairing the damage for you.