Richard Mupumha was born in 1963 in Makoni District, even as a child he showed great talent in carving wood and molding clay into animal forms. His mother attributed this talent to his forefathers spirits, who were at one time hunters and talented artists. After starting work in Harare in a clothes factory in 1979 he pursued his passion for art by carving stone in his spare time, until 1993 when after a short time working as a taxi driver he saved enough money to follow his dream and become a full time sculptor.

Taking inspiration from his spirits it didn’t take long before he was recognized as a real talent being called to attend several exhibitions and workshop tours in Germany, the Netherlands and Dubai from 1996 and to the present day. In Zimbabwe he has participated in exhibitions at both the National Gallery and Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species.

Richards work are now in demand all over the world and he is actively promoted by galleries in South Africa, Belgium, the Netherlands and across the USA. In his own words With these sculptures I don’t work only for money but for the heritage of my country. I feel very proud developing and continuing the art tradition my forefathers passed on to me.”

Richard Mupumha1