Imperial vision




HEIGHT: 95cm

WEIGHT: 63kg


“The spiritual vision, for security is derived from lots of forces. In Zimbabwe the owl, lions and eagles are omens of power and protection that get associated with kings and rulers. For a kingdom to be prosperous it has to visualise the back and the front, the past, present and future.”

A real collectors piece, Eddie is one of the most famous and collectable sculptors of the second generation. Eddie’s work is something of a paradox, he was one of the sculptors who changed the face of Zimbabwean sculpture by experimating with new styles and textures in the 1980s  although the spiritual roots of his work show a clear continuity with the sculptures produced by the first generation.

“Imperial vision” is a perfect example of this, it has an elegant and modern feel while retaining a spiritual feeling. The precision of the finish is really exceptional with every surface coated by elegant parrallel lines which produces a stunning effect.