Kolin Rhino West was born in a family of seven, the youngest of two girls and five boys.
He grew up in the of Mutakose an Eastern suburb of Harare.

His passion for art started at school where he used to draw charts and diagrams for his teachers teaching the other children in his class. As he grew his passion for art developed after one of his older brothers showed him a local cooperative where artists were carving stone.

With the help of other artists he developed his love of drawing into stone carving, with

his uncle Douglas Chitiyo another sculptor in the cooperative being a major inspiration. In the begining he carved human heads and his work became so good that he fell in love with carving. He was encouraged by other including Stannely Dzikiti, Leonard Mpatila, Clever Katemalinnya, Aaron Machangu and Joseph Munema.

His works have been exhibited in Africa in Zimbabwe, Zambia, Botswana, South Africa and abroad, in the USA, Korea and Europe. His ambition is to accompany his art abroad to exhibit.

Kolin married at 24 and now he has five children, one girl and four boys. When not working he enjoys listening to reggae music, playing tennis and playing with his children.

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