“Art is song, song is melody, yet melody does not on its own but with rhythm.”

Born in 1978 in Bulawayo, Jasper began venturing into art through different mediums at a tender age. Inspired by his uncle and father Sylvester and Peter Mukuna he began carving fine art in 1994 in Ostrich eggs, iron and wood.

In 1998 an urge to explore led Jasper to Harare where without iron and wood to carve he began sculpting in stone. He moved to Hatfield where he teamed up with Washington Msonza and Jonathan Mondorohuma up until the 2000.

Attending workshops with great artists such as Lephati Gonde, Luxon Karise, Eddie and Gardner Sango. Learning from other artists has allowed him to develop his technique and style, and he feels honoured to learn from such great artists. Jasper believes he is a messenger like a journalist he seeks to unveil the truth. He, like any other artist has destiny. His ambition is to speak and be heard.

He is now resident of Tsindi Cooperative in Hatfield, Harare where he works in the evenings as a hotel manager. In his own words “Art is song there’s a voice. It is what one chooses to make it but I chose to make it an expression. Expression of different feelings, emotions, thought –those which I inject in stone giving birth to bare kind of warmth – in stone.”

Jasper Mukuna1